Limited edition of 50 numbered pieces at special price
Each watch is tailor-made according to the personalization options you have selected. (without extra charge)


Montre automatique en bois Montre automatique en bois Montre automatique en bois Montre automatique en bois

Each wood species is unique and has its own features, therefore, we would like you to choose the one that suits you best.

Each wooden case is impregnated with a natural drying oil which sustainably protect it.

  • Kauri

  • Montres ebene de macassar

    Macassar ebony

  • Kingwood

  • Briar burl wood

  • Swiss Ebony


A 30,000 to 50,000 years old wood. This species is coming from the remains of a very old tree which got preserved into sphagnum moss, an acid environment without contact with oxygen that has kept the wood in perfect condition for dozens of thousands of years.

Origin: New Zealand.

Density 0.70

Macassar ebony

The precious wood by definition. Thick and strong, this wood has been used forever in cabinet-making for its polish and beautiful aspect.

Origin: Célèbes Islands.

Density: 1.20


This wood is one of the densest and rarest woods in the world. During XVII century it was used by aristocracy for the manufacture of high-end furniture.

Origin: Latin America.

Density: 1.10 to 1.20

Briar burl wood

This wood is used by craftsmen to make pipes due to its high resistance to fire. Its “flame” rendering is really artistic.

Origin: Corsica, Italy,Morocco.

Density: 0.80

Swiss Ebony

This wood is actually a walnut wood from sustainably managed Swiss forests. Its name “Swiss Ebony” comes from the fact that it is treated in an innovative compression process making it one of the densest and hardest woods in the world.

Origin:  Swiss

Density: 1.20 à 1.40

Technical features

The watch case is made of precious wood and protected by a waterproof ring

Dimensions: 41.00 X 43.80 mm

Thickness: 9.90mm

Sealing: 30 meters (3ATM)

Sapphire glass

Material: stainless steel 316L

The watch case finishing is handmade with traditionals tools and methods and is inspired from watch movements ornaments.


The watch is made with an automatic swiss made movement

Self winding by rotor on ball bearing

25 rubies

Frequency: 28,800 A / h (4 Hz)

Power reserve: 42 hours


Black or White indexs?

Based on your preferences, you can chose black or white indexs

Hands: blued steel

Watch strap made in Geneva

Made of leather in Geneva, Switzerland, the watch strap is also antiallergenic.

The strap is equipped with a double folding clasp allowing the watch to be worn and removed safely and quickly.

Colours: black, brown, burgundy or blue

Montre automatique - Ebene de Macassar